The Reno Podcast looks at the Reno area in a different light. It’s a place we live in, hike in, shop in, participate in, a place we call home!

Lily Baran

Episode 5, Amid death threats from business owners in Lake Tahoe about her color, die-ins in downtown Reno, being a brilliant singer and a general bad ass, Lily Baran spent a few minutes meeting, eating dinner and talking about what’s going on in her world.

Episode 4, Chuy owns and runs Mari Chuy’s in midtown. He’s been here for years and has seen Reno grow unbelievably! Sit back, relax, grab a margarita and listen as we talk about all kinds of stuff.

Episode 3, Wendy Baroli is the owner of Girlfarm, a local farm producing fruits, veggies and small farm animals.

Episode 2 and we’re talking today with my friend Jacquie Chandler. Jacquie is the founder of Sustainable Tahoe, a local non-profit set on elevating Geo Tourism inside the Lake Tahoe Watershed.

The Reno Podcast

Reno has a host of things to do, food, casinos, Lake Tahoe. Well, at least sitting in a casino USED to be a thing, we’ll see what happens after June 3rd.