Sustain Tahoe

Jacquie Chandler

Jacque is the founder of Sustain Tahoe and I’ve known her for years, there is no more passionate, caring or talented person on the planet. Her heart is so huge for Lake Tahoe she bleeds blue for everything inside the basin.

To get started with the podcast Sustain Tahoe, I asked her a few questions. We talked mainly about Lake Tahoe, but there are a few tidbits thrown in there as well. As always, visit her website, call or email, she’s a wealth of information!

Jacquie Chandler with Sustain Tahoe!

Welcome to the Reno Podcast. This is episode 2 and we’re talking today with my friend Jacquie Chandler. Jacquie is the founder of Sustain Tahoe, Click here to visit their website, a local non-profit set on elevating Geo Tourism inside the Lake Tahoe Watershed. In this episode we’ll be talking about Geotourism, Ecotourism, creating sustainability inside the Lake Tahoe basin and the 3 campaigns she’s working in to help Lake Tahoe in the next decade.

We’ve known each other a long time and I’m, not sure there’s a more passionate person on the planet. There are fewer places on the planet that are more calming than the Lake Tahoe basin for me. Everytime I put my feet on the the sand or in the water I feel like I’m home – it’s hard to explain.

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For more information on Sustainable Tahoe visit their website at or call Jax at 775.298.2333 or email her at – If all else fails, contact us for more information

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