The Reno Podcast

Ted Moore

Hey guys, my name is Ted, I’m the person behind The Reno Podcast. I’ve loved Reno since the day I got here! From the mountains and Lake Tahoe to the deserts to the cesspools of life, Walmart – wait, casinos, I meant casinos. Anyway, I’m here to talk with friends about stuff.

These are supposed to be short Podcasts, 30 minutes of less and filled with who I consider interesting parts of our community. If you’re so inclined to listen, please do. Share with friends.

Reno has a host of things to do, food, casinos, Lake Tahoe. Well, at least sitting in a casino USED to be a thing, we’ll see what happens after June 3rd. Ahhh, Lake Tahoe… You know, Skiing or Riding, Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, blah blah blah. These are all fantastic things, really! I love them, you love them. But there has to be more than just walking around and looking at beautiful scenery, right?

Community… Isn’t that the point of living somewhere? Maybe, depends on your age really, a 22-year-old may not be as interested in community as a 45-year-old with kids. That 22-year-old might be MORE interested in his or her community. For me, you live and exist in a community. You interact with people in various walks of life. You do, it’s what happens.

The Reno Podcast is looking at talking with people to cover more than just the beauty of Lake Tahoe, death tolls of the pandemic, arguments about Strip Clubs or fighting against the image of Reno and what I call the “Reno 911 Effect”. I want to talk with people behind the city, the people behind the Carson Valley, Truckee, hell I may actually travel to Winnemucca if I need to, erm, maybe.

My name is Ted Moore I’m a video editor by trade, I own Orbit Creative and this is the Reno Podcast.

I can hear it right now… “What the hell, another podcast?” Well, I’m not Joe Rogan or Marc Maron, I’m not a radio person like Chris Payne, I could only hope to be there one day. I am, however, a member of our community, the Northern Nevada community. Oh wait, I’m supposed to say, today’s podcast is being brought to you by Orbit Creative, Orbit Creative is your local complete award-winning interactive digital advertising studio making everything from banner ads, tv commercials or shooting drone footage, go to for more information and subscribe to The Reno Podcast wherever you get your Podcasts!

Like EVERYONE in the Truckee Meadows, I like being outdoors, hiking, biking, kayaking with my family. I like art, whether written, painted, drawn or played. I love watching my kids dance, one is a professional.

I love movies, making, watching, discussing. Here’s an example: Martin Scorsese hasn’t made a great movie since 1988, The Last Temptation of Christ. Sure, Goodfellas is good but, did it try to push the boundaries of what cinema is? Nope, they stole things and shot people, greeeaaaat. The Irishman? Please, he’s made that same movie 5 or 6 times since 1990. Anyway…

I love music, everything about music, making, playing, listening, discussing, reading. My friend Marc says, “You’re one of those guys that’s a fan of something no one’s ever heard of. And it usually sucks!” Yes, guilty as charged. Ahh yes, the sweet sweet sound of music. There are a few things about my music you’ll need to understand before we move on…

  1. The Beatles are overrated, period. Possibly the most overrated band EVER. Either right in front of or right after Bob Dylan. We’ll call them 1a and 1b. Don’t argue that point. The Dave Clark 5 were a better set of musicians with better songs. Woody Guthrie was a better Woody Guthrie than Bob Dylan ever thought he was.
  2. The Rolling Stones can go in the overrated bucket. While we’re at it, Radiohead, KISS, ALL COUNTRY music and most modern trap artists.
  3. Little Richard is the King of Rock and Roll, sorry white folks, it’s true. Elvis’ schtick was all Little Richard.
  4. Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker should be immortalized as the geniuses they are.
  5. I’m much more John Coltrane and not so much Miles Davis.
  6. Progressive metal is as vast as the ocean and as varied as well. Easily my favorite style of music.
  7. Reggae is like pineapple on pizza, necessary and oh so very sweet and tasty.

Sorry for that sidebar. Onward!

I like cooking, I’m pretty good at it. My heritage is southern, and my favorite food is southern. I like talking, talking to people, be they friends, coworkers or whomever and that’s where you come in…

Again, why am I doing this? There are some things you don’t plan for, like a global pandemic, the backlash from a cop murdering a man in broad daylight or teen deaths and suicides at a high school. When the school year got going, some of these happened, and as the school year continued the pandemic happened and as of last week a murder by a cop, the cop thought he was judge, jury and executioner of a man on the streets of Minneapolis. It was during the start of the school year I wanted to give much more to our community, it was as of the pandemic I wanted to give more, it was after the murder of George Floyd that I wanted to give everything I have to our community. I’ve been sober for 2 decades and I thought about getting back into AA or counseling, helping people move forward past drug and alcohol addiction. Then it hit me, I’ve lived in one of the coolest places on the planet for over 20 years, if I’ve been looking to be part of a larger community, there HAS to be others looking for the same thing. That, in a nutshell, is the Reno podcast. Community.

So here we are, in the midst of a pandemic, people have been on lock-down for more than 2 months, the climate is clearing, the outdoors is healthier, people are getting stir crazy, chomping at the bit to destroy stuff apparently. In the 21 years I’ve lived here, I’ve met a ton of people, I like to think of myself as a good conversationalist, I have a host of friends and acquaintances in and around the Truckee Meadows, why not show who they are, what makes them tick, people you wouldn’t necessarily see on a daily basis, some you most definitely would.

That’s what the Reno Podcast is, that’s why the Reno Podcast is here!

To start with, The Reno Podcast will be twice a week and we’ll see how that works out. I have the first 5 or 6 planned out – I just have to get to them. If you’d like to be a part of the Reno Podcast, you can contact us here. I’m sure we can work something out.

So here we are, I’m writing about what I know, the Truckee Meadows. I’m having conversations with friends; this will be fun!